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Education in Faith

Sacramental Policy

The Parish Sacramental Program at St Mary's is taught within the Parish and the School, based on the Guidelines prepared by the Archdiocese of Melbourne.  

  1. In normal circumstances children will be eligible to receive only one sacrament per year. Children are eligible to enrol for these sacraments as follows:
    Year 2 Baptism Program Year 3 First Eucharist
    Year 4/5 Reconciliation Year 6 Confirmation
  2. For each sacrament an enrolment letter is sent home to families describing the timeline of events and commitments. To enrol their child families must complete the 'Enrolment Form' and return it to the school.
  3. A 'Family Information Activity Night' is held for each sacrament. The purpose of these evenings is to involve families in fun, faith centred activities based on the particular sacrament.
  4. For Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation there is a presentation mass whereby children make a commitment prayer/pledge and are presented to the parish.
  5. A Reflection Day for students is held in the weeks prior to the celebration of First Eucharist and Confirmation along with a family Communal Penitential service for families which is held in the Church.

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Children's Liturgy of the Word

St Mary's Parish have "Children's Liturgy" at most Sunday morning 10.30am Masses.

The main purpose of the "Children's Liturgy" is to:

  • Involve the children more fully in the celebration of liturgy at their own level
  • Encourage children to participate and be seen as an important part of the congregation

Children have the opportunity to share the Word and reflect and respond through an activity. If you have any questions about "Children's Liturgy" or would like to become involved as a leader please contact the Parish Centre.