Congratulations to our 2023 School & Vice Captains

2023 School Captains 
Celecita & Kimaya, with support as always from our Vice Captains Joseph & Manteshwar.

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Hello! My name is Celecita

My position is School captain with Kimaya. We work with the school leaders, the children advisory council, leading assembly and flag raising. I’m excited about going to council meetings to talk about the plans for the city of Dandenong.

My hobbies are running and helping others because im passionate about it. Thank you for reading my leadership profile I hope to be an amazing school captain for St.Marys 2023 

Name : Kimaya Sayal

Leadership Role :  Vice Captain


Name : Joseph Nyok

Leadership Role :  Vice Captain

Hobbies/Interests: My hobbies are playing games and drawing. I take special interest in basketball because it is a fun sport to do, what I like about basketball is I get to play with friends and anyone I also like basketball because it is really easy to play and you can get lessons.

Name: Manteshwar Kalra.

Leadership roll:  Vice Captain.

My favourite hobbies are gaming and playing football. I play a variety of different games online and outdoor. My favourite colour is red. At school my favourite subject is maths and P.E. At home I play games or read books.

A fun fact about me is when I was 2 years old I broke my arm in 2 places! To this day my arm is still a little twisted! 

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