Science at St Mary's

Preparing students for real-world solutions

St Mary's is passionate about the continual development of an innovative science program to expose students to science related concepts and help them explore and develop confidence in science. St Mary's uses the Victorian Curriculum to guide the learning and teaching of science. 


Today's students face the challenge of an ever-changing society, where the nature of work keeps developing. St Mary's students are encouraged to discover and use science to solve problems and create solutions. The science lab has been purpose-equipped with items that meet the needs of the students. The classroom has extendable standing desks and TV screens at the end of each row so that students can research and showcase their learning. Students wear lab coats and glasses for safety and responsibility. The classroom has several investigative tools and lab equipment to assist the students with their discoveries.


The St Mary's science lessons focus on real-world issues and allow students to be guided by the design process. Students are immersed in hands-on inquiry with tasks that are open-ended and require students to explore the environment.


The Year 3-6 science specialist program extends students' knowledge and understanding about science. The student led research allows students to investigate and work collaboratively with their peers to create and communicate a variety of skills.

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