Languages at St. Mary’s



The ability to use a language other than English, and to have an understanding of different cultures is important for full participation in the modern world, especially in the context of increasing globalisation and Australia’s cultural diversity. At St Mary’s Primary School the designated language is Italian.


The Victorian Curriculum guides the Italian Teaching and Learning in our school. The students participate in weekly lessons of 40 minutes, developing communication skills –speaking and listening, reading and writing - increasing understanding of the way language works (its structure, functions, the role it plays) and the importance of culture in language.


In St Mary’s Primary School, we provide a variety of opportunities for the students to experience Italian language and culture. Students take part in two major events in alternate years. One is the Italian day celebration with several cultural and linguistic activities running within the school and including Italian incursions. The other activity is an excursion to have an Italian experience outside the school environment. The students also have the opportunity to participate in Primary School Italian Poetry Reciting Competition, drawing competition and Languages Championships.


The Italian influence is evident in Australia in many aspects. We also share cultural, commercial and health care bilateral agreements with Italy. Prada, Divella, Filla and Pirelli are some of the large number of Italian companies established in Australia. The study of Italian Language can open great opportunities in the commercial, scientific, automotive and other fields. 


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