School Uniform

At St Mary's Dandenong we pride ourselves on our compulsory school uniform.

New uniforms can be purchased directly from our Uniform Shop on Thursdays 8:30-10:00am or orders can be left at the School Office with payment.

Second hand uniforms are available for purchase from our Family Space every second Monday after our Flag Raising Assembly.

Uniform Requriments
Summer Uniform (Terms 1 & 4)

Girls Boys Both
  • Navy-Blue and White Check 'A' Line Zip Fronted Dress.
  • White Socks.
  • Short-sleeved light blue polo-shirt with St Mary’s Logo.
  • Grey Shorts & Grey Socks.
  • Navy-Blue school jumper with St Mary’s Logo
  • Black shoes
  • Light-Blue Sunhat (Slouch/Legionnaire)
  • No Sport Socks Allowed

Sunsmart Policy - It is compulsory for children to wear a school sunhat at all times when outdoors during Terms 1 & 4. Children who are not wearing a hat will not be permitted to play in the sun.

Winter Uniform (Terms 2 & 3)

Girls Boys Both
  • Navy-Blue, knife pleated tunic, or Navy-Blue tailored slacks(no cords, stirrups, denim).
  • White Socks or Navy-Blue Tights.
  • Gold hair ribbons or scrunchies (optional).
  • Grey trousers, melange drill - no cords or cargo pants.
  • Grey socks.
  • Gold Skivvy, Short or Long-sleeved light blue polo shirt with St Mary’s logo.
  • Navy-Blue school jumper with St Mary’s Logo.
  • Polar Fleece Vest or Winter Jackets with St Mary’s logo (optional).
  • Black Shoes.

Sports Uniform - All Students

  • Navy-Blue tracksuit top with St Mary’s logo
  • Navy-Blue Tracksuit pants or Navy-Blue unisex shorts.
  • Light-Blue short sleeved polo-shirt.
  • White or grey socks.
  • Sport Shoes

Sports Uniform may be worn to school on days of Physical Education/ PMP or Sport. This will account for no more than two days per week with days varying for each class.




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