Vision & Mission


St Mary’s Primary School is a Catholic coeducational school that provides quality education for each child. Our Catholic school, as part of our parish, serves to educate the child both academically and spiritually.

At St Mary’s we believe parents play a crucial part in the education of their children and welcome their active involvement and participation in the life of the school and the educational programs offered.  The staff at St. Mary's work in partnership with parents to nurture each child's development. They guide, support and assist the children in their care in every possible way.


The following Vision and Mission statements are an outline of what guides us in our school community:



St. Mary’s Catholic Parish Primary School is a multicultural community that gives witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We are a faith community that endeavours to create a Christian atmosphere, through experiences of welcome, reconciliation, acceptance and celebration.

St Mary's strive to nurture individual growth to its fullest potential. 

We aim to:

  • provide a safe, happy, caring and supportive learning environment for all
  • embrace our multicultural richness; respecting and appreciating the diversity of our community
  • provide a broad, integrated curriculum, relevant to individual needs that will prepare students to meet the challenges of the future.





St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School is an integral part of the Parish. It exists to serve the Parish community and is a place where:

  • Catholic faith, doctrine and attitudes are valued and taught reflecting the values of St. Mary’s Parish in accordance with the direction of the Melbourne Diocese
  • we celebrate through liturgy, scripture and prayer as a school, class and individually
  • we promote relationships which are inclusive, acknowledging the diversity of our multicultural community
  • we provide Pastoral Care for each person in our community
  • we support the academic, faith and personal development of each person in our school community
  • we use the Victorian Essential Learning Standards to develop programs that provide a balanced, integrated curriculum.

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