Leadership & Management

Leadership and Management 

Leading Learning, Innovation and Improvement


The school leadership team at St. Mary’s drive a strong improvement agenda for the school, grounded in evidence from research and practice and expressed in terms of improvements in measurable student outcomes. The school leadership team is committed to student outcomes, analysing school performance data and facilitating staff to set targets for improvement. 


Our leaders reference research, the work of other schools and consultants in the identification of key improvement strategies. Professional networks are extensive, valued and ensure a holistic and considered approach to the development of

initiatives and schoolwide strategies. Our leaders use our community and context to

ensure the growth of all learners within the school community.


All our staff are leaders who impact educational change. Our staff serve as research colleagues and work collaboratively to continually improve student outcomes. Staff at St. Mary’s forge new and unique leadership roles through their own initiative by developing and implementing programs they personally believe will result in positive change.


We believe in a distributed leadership model at St. Mary’s and formal leadership roles include:

  • Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • Religious Education Leader
  • Learning and Teaching Leader
  • Literacy Leader
  • Numeracy Leader
  • Student Diversity/Wellbeing Leader
  • Family Engagement Leader
  • Digital Technology Leader
  • Level Leaders 



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