Digital Technology

Digital Technology at St Mary's

Where innovation matters


St Mary's has a strong focus on digital technology in the classroom. Students are encouraged to explore and immerse themselves with digital technology in their learning environments. St Mary's uses the Victorian Curriculum as the focus for learning and teaching of digital technology. 


As today's society is one of automation which constantly changes due to technology and the internet, the need for digital technology in the classroom is at its greatest. Digital technology is taught in the P-6 classrooms alongside the inquiry approach as it allows students to explore real-world issue and design feasible solutions using technology. Each student in Prep and Year 1 has access to an iPad with many educational apps. Students in Year 2 have iPads and one-to-one Chromebook devices. Year 3-6 students have one-to-one Chromebooks. All classrooms are fitted with desktop computers for any additional learning needs.


St Mary's has a resourceful technology room, that students and teachers regularly make use of. Items include Ozobots, Beebots, Makey Makeys, Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, Virtual Reality Headsets, Circuit kits and WeDos. 


Teachers take part in coaching with an outside digital technology specialist and the digital technology leader, who assist with planning and classroom visits to enhance the skills of both teachers and students.

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