School Community

School Community at St. Mary’s

Belonging, Welcome and Positive Relationships


St Mary’s School is a positive and welcoming Catholic community with relationships and partnerships built on high levels of trust and appreciation. The parents and staff have a strong sense of empowerment for the students and are proud to belong within the school community.  Across the community, our students, staff and families feel known and valued. Diversity is embraced and celebrated. 


Our school story grows richer and stronger with every student enrolled, every staff member employed and every partnership formed. Our school and community have a

clear purpose for being deeply seated in the Catholic tradition. 


We have developed extensive and wide-ranging sustainable community partnerships which are mutually beneficial and significantly contribute to enhancing the learning and wellbeing needs of our students and their families. 

Some of our significant Community partnerships include:


  • Ardoch Youth Foundation who provide subsidies to resource camps and excursions and opportunities for students to engage as Pen Pal’s with different corporate partners 
  • Port Phillip Authority Maritime Project involving Year 5/6 students in Inquiry research units of work planned by teachers based on Victorian Curriculum outcomes
  • The Smith Family who offer Learning for Life scholarships, the Let’s Read program, Maths support and funding for ICT projects
  • Berry Street and the Early Learning is Fun Book Project 
  • Wellsprings for Women who run workshops for families and are a valuable wellbeing support for our families
  • The City of Greater Dandenong Library book club and Mayor for a Day
  • Mercy Connect 
  • Deakin University
  • St Vincent de Paul 
  • St John’s Regional College
  • Sporting Schools


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