Mathematics at St. Mary’s

Becoming numerate for life 


Our Mathematics Program aims to foster in our children a love for maths in a stimulating, supportive, hands on learning environment.  Our program is based on three key strands as set out in the Victorian Curriculum: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. At St Mary's we believe that all students should be challenged and supported to become confident in their use of Mathematics. We promote a culture of high expectations for achievement and support learners through extension and intervention programs to develop their competencies.

St. Mary's mathematical focus is on developing mathematical understanding, fluency, logical reasoning, analytical thought and problem-solving skills. A variety of learning contexts include the use of hands on materials, open-ended tasks, rich learning activities and mental arithmetic strategies to promote the joy of mathematics and the learning of mathematics in practical ways. Time is planned for learners to practise skills, interact and explain their learning through reflecting on learning intentions, success criteria and goals set. 


We believe an effective Mathematics Program:

  • uses data to target student needs
  • provides intervention and extension to students who have been identified as needing additional support
  • uses a variety of evidence based teaching strategies
  • provides opportunities for ongoing professional learning to build teacher capacity for high quality teaching
  • places a strong emphasis on problem solving and regularly challenges students to engage with unfamiliar problems
  • uses hands on materials and visuals to support student understanding
  • promotes learning through collaboration and discussion with peers
  • encourages children to be independent, active learners and develop understandings and make connections for themselves
  • promotes a growth mindset of persistence and resilience while fostering self-motivation and creative thinking
  • engages and assists parents to support their child’s Mathematics learning at home through information evenings, family maths kits and interactive sessions





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