A Message from the Principal

Welcome to St Mary's Primary School Dandenong, the BEST school in the world!!!


My name is Terry Gardiner and I am the Principal of St Mary's Primary School. I very proudly call this the best school in the world, because I truly do believe it is. Our community is made up of many, many different cultural backgrounds and that makes it an extraordinary place and gives your child a better experience of what it is to live in the world in the 21st century.


Our staff are the most dedicated group of professionals with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work. They all work tirelessly to give the children in their care the most specific and student centred learning opportunity they possibly can, and this really shone through during the Remote Learning opportunities of 2020/2021. I have never been so proud of the students, families and staff!


Our strong belief in Family Engagement by working closely with our families to help them achieve the best for their children is a hallmark of our school and another element which makes it so extraordinary.


St Mary's was recently granted $2 000 000 by the State Government to refurbish our main building and

we are currently at the stage of tendering for the work to begin. It is an exciting time to be part of the St Mary's Community!


Our Administration staff are all very friendly, so we warmly welcome you to come on in, say hello and have a visit. We think you'll feel like part of the St Mary's family as soon as you walk in the door. It is a special place...come and work with us for the best educational experience for your school.


I look forward to meeting you,

Terry Gardiner




@ 2020 St Mary's Primary School